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Soul Searching

Proverbs 1:1-7; 3:1-8 June 28, 2015, Confirmation Sunday First Presbyterian Church, Sterling, IL Christina Berry
If you’ve ever looked at the book of Proverbs, you may have had some questions arise.

For example, did Solomon really write this book? We learned last week that when Solomon became king, he asked God for only one thing – wisdom. But the notion that Solomon himself wrote Proverbs is probably not reliable. More likely, this book is an anthology – a collection - of wisdom sayings. Another question you might have had is about the content – some of it seems, well, not so wise. And some of the sayings even seem to contradict themselves. That’s the nature of such collections, though. You may have had a real-life experience that mirrors this. Maybe at some point in your life, your mom said, “Look before you leap!” and then at another point she said, “Hesitate and all is lost!” So which is it, Mom? Look, or leap? If you think of Proverbs as a treasure chest, into which all sorts o…