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Coming To…

Joshua 5:9-12, Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32
March 6, 2016
First Presbyterian Church, Sterling IL

Our first reading today is from the book of Joshua. This book marks a series of changes. It is among the books of “history” in the Hebrew scriptures, but it is also a transitional book – between the books of law and the books of the prophets. The story is that the people of Israel, freed from slavery in Egypt, wandered in the wilderness before going to the promised land. Moses has died, Aaron and Miriam are out of the picture, and leadership has now passed to Joshua. The Israelites have left the wilderness and crossed the Jordan River. At that point, they made a symbolic dam of stones, re-enacting the Exodus crossing of the Red Sea. They arranged the stones in a circle, or a wheel, to mark the place Gilgal, where past challenges and sins are rolled away from them. Now, they will no longer need the gift of manna, for the land will provide them with a feast of food. In the new situation, they mark t…